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Dr. Matt in Action. Photo by K Garcia

Please contact me at if you are interested in a coaching program. No fee for initial consultation. See the about us section for more on my qualifications.

Read about my coaching philosophy below, and at this blog post .

Fees are listed below. 




Program Summary 

What You Get

Basically, you get anything I am qualified to provide to help you run better, such as: 

1. Intake Session. To ensure we get started on the right foot, I will send you forms to sign and return. We will then schedule an intake session to go over your history*, get to know each other, and set some goals. 

2. Unlimited Communication. I will respond as soon as possible, usually within a few hours.

3. Online Workout Delivery. Adjusted as needed based on our communications. You will see the prescribed (and completed) workouts on a calander and any notes I leave for you, and I will be able to see your completed workouts and comments via the free platform. 

4. Strength and Flexibility Training. Research and experience have shown this training helps reduce injuries and improve running performance. As a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, I will customize a “bottom to top” exercise plan for you to help you stay healthy and enjoy running more. I will also teach you a pre-run warm-up routine, post-run cool-down, and running drills. Train smarter.

5. Nutritional Advice.  We will discuss your dietary habits and how they might affect your running performance. 

6. Race Planning. I will help you plan the tactics, strategy, pacing, hydration and nutrition needed to help you achieve your race day goals.

 * For your safety, I reserve the right to require medical clearance.


Fees and Refunds


Full service online coaching for $199 per month.


Refunds: You may end your coaching agreement at any time and request a refund for any unused time.  

To sign up or learn more, contact me at . There is no fee for initial consultation. I accept checks, and credit cards via PayPal.


Coaching Philosophy – Matt Rogers, PhD, CSCS; RRCA Certified Running Coach

I have utilized my training in psychology, sport psychology, sport science, and research, clinical experience as an exercise physiologist, and wisdom gained from a 42-year running career to develop a whole person approach to training. I believe the coach-athlete relationship should be one of cooperation and mutual respect that accounts for all aspects of the runner’s life and his or her wants and needs. The most perfect plan on paper is meaningless if it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle or it makes you miserable. Running should be fun even when you are training for a serious goal. 

Coaching is the ultimate example of the blending of art and science. There are numerous ways to reach the same goal. The best way for me to train you is the way that works best for you. While there are general physiological and psychological principles underlying every program, a given runner’s training must be tailored to that runner. 

I understand most runners have full time jobs, families, and other commitments that we must take into account. Flexibility is a given, so when our carefully made training plan is interrupted, we make adjustments. Any given workout is less important than the overall consistency of training. 

Much like a proper dose of medicine, for the workouts I prescribe there is no truth to the saying “if a little is good, more is better”. Each workout has a purpose, so running it faster or longer than prescribed negates the benefit. I always prefer a healthy but slightly under trained athlete show up on the starting line versus a highly trained athlete sitting home on the couch with a training injury that could have been prevented. You should finish even the hardest workouts with the feeling that you could have done a bit more. Save the all out efforts for racing. 

Finally, no coach can guarantee you will reach your goals. There are too many variables at play to make such a guarantee sensible. I can only promise that I will give you my best effort in designing and modifying your training program and helping you set reasonable, attainable goals. But as a rule, if you follow the training consistently you will see improvements. 


To sign up or learn more, contact me at matt@SportScienceRunning.comThere is no fee for initial consultation; we’ll just talk about running. 

I am beginner friendly. Find out why by reading the blog series about my humble beginnings starting here.

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RRCA Coaching Certificate MattRogers 001 (2)

CSCS 001